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●  Edible Alcohol

Edible alcohol is a colorless, transparent solution of ethanol or a mixed solution of water and ethanol that is produced through the filtration and refined distillation of fermented grain and yeast. We produce our edible alcohol through the distillation of fermented corn. Edible alcohol is an organic product used in various industries to produce a wide range of other products including alcoholic drinks, cleaning solvents, perfumes, cosmetics, drys, medicines and fuel. The overwhelming majority of our customers are in the beverage and food industry, followed by the chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry.
In China, edible alcohol can be classified into Grade A, B and C. Currently, we sell both Grade B and Grade C edible alcohol. Grade B edible alcohol has a better taste, has a higher ethanol content and contains less impurities than Grade C edible alcohol.
●  DDGS Feed

DDGS Feed is formed through a distillation, evaporation and drying process which occurs after microbial fermentation of corn in the process of edible alcohol production. In the production of edible alcohol, only starch from the corn is used and the remaining nutrients (such as protein, fiber and oil) are used to produce DDGS Feed. DDGS Feed is a high-protein by-product of edible alcohol which contains rich proteins, fats, amino acid, vitamins and various kinds of minerals which are vital to animal growth and suitable for feeding poultry, livestock and fish. DDGS Feed is a digestible protein and energy source for beef cattle, can be used in turkey and swine applications and acts as a feed for both feedlot and dairy cattle. DDGS Feed is also fed to poultry and its use is increasing in the pork processing industry.

The main market for our DDGS feed is comprised of sales to feed processing factories which provide DDGS feed to poultry, livestock, cow, sheep, chicken, ducks and fish.

●  Crude Corn Oil
Crude corn oil is unrefined corn germ oil. Corn germ oil is a kind of edible oil refined from corn germ. Corn germ oil is rich in vitamins E and unsaturated fatty acid, such as, linoleic acid and oleic acid, which is very good for protecting cardio-cerebrovascular.  
The main market for our crude corn oil is comprised of sales to corn oil producing enterprises.
●  Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Liquid Carbon Dioxide is processed from the waste carbon dioxide that generated during the process of fermenting corn.Liquid Carbon Dioxide is used extensively in oil exploitation to enhance oil recovery, especially in the tertiary phase of oil exploitation, and as a food additive by the food and beverage industry. 

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